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In previous years we have shown films at different venues around Harrogate. During 2020 because of Covid-19, that wasn't possible. Given the general restrictions on running pop-up screenings or indeed providing our Core Programme screenings at the Odeon, we instead established a new streaming service of recently produced  films from around the world. However, that has now finished.

During 2021, we worked with Harrogate Theatre to put on a screening of Metropolis with a live music ensemble which added a totally new and rarely experienced dimension to the viewing experience of this highly regarded silent film.

In March 2022, we again worked with Harrogate Theatre to screen a 90 year old cinematic masterpiece, which breaks cinematic conventions - The Passion of Joan of Arc.  The central performance Rene Maria Falconetti is still held by many as one of the finest performances in cinematic history!

In April 2022, we helped members of the Harrogate Hong Kong Community liaise with Harrogate Odeon to put on a Special Event - Revolution of our Times Documentary. The film, currently banned in China and Hong Kong is a brave, unflinching, painful but ultimately uplifting depiction of seven teams of protestors fighting for democracy in Hong Kong in 2019-2020. We were pleased to help make this happen as the film has been rarely shown outside of London.

As a reminder of previous pop-up screenings,  here are the trailers for Some Like it Hot and Cabaret, which we showed at the Manhattan Club in 2019.

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