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2021 Results and Screenings

The 2021 HFS Festival Features winning films and awards are as follows: 

  • Green Flake                                       Best Film 

  • Unvisible Monsters                            Best Sci-fi Film & Special Effects 

  • Lady Usher                                        Special Award -Best Adaptation of a historical fictional character

  • Behind the Name Shakespeare         Special Award –Best Educational,  Entertainment and  Research 

  • Cold Calm                                          Best Horror Film 

  • Basenji                                               Best Direction 

  • The Lost Shoes                                  Best International Film

  • Ruff Life                                              Special Award - Film Devoted to Animal  Welfare                                    

  • Straight’ner                                         Best film by Local Filmmaker

  • Tijuana I Love You                              Best Production Values

  • Built Lands                                         Best Cinematography

  • Kanarta                                              Best Documentary

  • First Signal                                         Best Writing and Screenplay

  • The Man Who Knew Too Much          Special Award Investigation & Reporting

  • Tinsel -The Lost Film About Hollywood     Jury Prize - Most Enjoyable Film


The films will all be screened during the course of the 2021 Harrogate Film Festival, which is now operating in two phases over the course of the spring and summer as a consequence of the restrictions imposed by the covid pandemic.


Phase 1: Online Programme 23  April - 30 May 


A number of the Festival Features competition winners will be screened on line from 23rd April. until the end of May as part of the overall Harrogate Film Festival programme.

Phase 1 Online Programme – 10 selections:

Basenji, Tijuana I Love You, First Signal, Unvisible Monsters,  Cold Calm, Behind the Name Shakespeare, Ruff Life, The Lost Shoes, Straight'ner and Lady Usher.

All information about Harrogate Film Festival including the Festival Features screenings can be viewed here

Phase 2: HFS Socially distanced live programme – summer 2021. 


Phase 2 of the festival included Harrogate Film Society events celebrating a partial 'socially distanced' return to big screen events. As part of Phase 2 HFS will be screening the following films.

The Man Who Knew Too Much, a documentary about Colin Wallace, an ex-British Army Psychological Operations Officer who worked in Northern Ireland in the 1970s. The screening will be accompanied by an interview plus Q&A with the director and guests.  The event took place at the Odeon, 7.30pm on Thursday 27 May.


Built Lands, a documentary about Spanish landscape painter Felix Cuadrado Lomas. The screening includes additional material from the director.

The event took place at the Odeon, 2.00pm on Thursday 27 May

Part of Phase 2, the return to the big screen in late May, the Society in association with the Harrogate Film Festival, also screened Bernardo Bertolucci's The Conformist. The screening took place at the Odeon, 7.30pm on Monday 24th May.

In addition, we screened the première of All We Got Was Love, a documentary about music documentary filmmaker Tony Palmer, who visited Harrogate Film Festival in March 2020. This special event, which was attended by Tony Palmer, took place on the afternoon of Tuesday 20th July starting at 2pm.


Phase 3; The return of  big screen cinema in September


Phase 3 – As part of the final phase of the Harrogate Film Festival- big screen presentations of the ‘Best of the Best’ of the Festival Features submitted award winners. This included “Green Flake” (the film voted as the best in the competition). “Tinsel The Lost Movie About Hollywood” and “Unvisible Monsters”. Due to operational problem at the cinema a double feature of these two films was postponed and will be rescheduled as part of our core programme to 7th March 2022  


Finally, as part of the 'return to big screen cinema in September we screened Bong Joon-Ho’s award winning film Parasite.

Conclusion of the 2021 Festival Features events.

After considerable delay, HFS were pleased to finally host live screenings of two of the 2021 award winners- Unvisible Monsters and Tinsel The Lost Film About Hollywood.

Both films were screened at the Odeon Harrogate on 7 March 2022.As part of the event we were pleased to screen a pre-recorded interview with the director of Tinsel, James F Robinson.

Trailer - Unvisible Monsters

Trailer - Tinsel The Lost Film About Hollywood


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