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HFS Festival Features is a new initiative from Harrogate Film Society offering a series of online screenings which will also form part of a features competition, culminating with screenings and awards at the annual Harrogate Film Festival.

For full details of all of the films visit the Festival Features Programme page, or you can watch the films currently available from the links below. Please remember to leave your feedback after viewing the films. This will help in selecting the films that will be screened as part of the Harrogate Film Festival.


 Simply click on the HFS logo at the very end of the film and you will be taken to the feedback page. You can also access the feedback page by clicking here.

As would be expected at any film festival, these films have not been rated for general cinema release. Viewers are advised that the programme as a whole includes a wide range of themes and content; some general viewing and some more adult in nature.

Happy Viewing!


14 -19 December

Green Flake


directed by Mauli Junior Bonner

 Genre: Drama/History


105 mns

Available 18-23 January


14 -19 December



directed by Lee Murtagh

 Genre: Drama/Crime


133 mns

Available 18-23 January

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